Security & Audit Services

No one enjoys hearing the word “audit”.  However without audits you can open your company up to significant liability.  You should want, and insist upon, annual external audits for many reasons, including peace of mind and to protect your business.

In many cases audits are mandatory, due to:

  • necessary compliance with regulations and legislation;
  • your own organization’s requirements; or
  • partners or customers insisting on audits before they do business with your company.

Our audit systematically evaluates the information exchanges within your organization, including all automated, manual, and real-time information exchanges.  This includes items such as automated file transfers, direct connections to applications, and even inbound and outbound email where sensitive information is exchanged.  We work with your objectives and goals for the audit by involving your managers in every step of the process, and by reflecting your organization’s risk tolerances within the final report.

The result of the audit is a report that summarizes key elements of the information exchanges, areas of concern, potential security risks, and provides suggested remediation steps where appropriate.


Why Audits are Critical for your Business

Automated information exchange within organizations has not only increased over the last decade, but has now become the standard method of interacting with customers and partners.  With each new customer or business partner, information is exchanged on a regular basis; such as account lists and billing details or more.  As each new business process is implemented it is easy to forget about them, but how are these new processes tracked or audited?  What would happen if the information being transferred was intercepted during transmission, or an unauthorized copy was made?

Regular audits, performed by an external third party, are necessary for any business to fully understand how information is sent to or received by the organization.  Unfortunately for most organizations, the cost of a breach or loss of data is only known after it happens.

Let us help you protect your business.