Secure Exchange

Secure Exchange is a product for sending, receiving and sharing sensitive files quickly and securely between internal departments and external partners

The Process

Configure where the information is coming from and going to – or authorize external systems to place files for processing directly on the server.


Control how the information is processed – selecting each step required and who should be notified in case of failure or success.


  • Certified bank level security, audit and controls
  • Support multiple departments within a single environment
  • No development required to deploy new file transfers – including Conversions, Verification and Notifications
  • Seamlessly connect to remote file systems using SFTP, Reflection SFTP, Connect:Direct, Email, FTPS, HTTPS, Tibco MFTPS, CIFS, SharePoint and more...
  • Easily add new protocols and interfaces
  • Online Real-Time Reporting
  • And more...