Campaign Management

Delivering your message to the online community.

Online campaigns play a crucial role in getting your message out and managing the expectations of the public.  Our experts in social communication strategy, mobile marketing and technology ensure that your message stays well defined and branded.  Utilizing mediums like YouTube, Flickr, and more, your message can be broadcast seven days a week – 24 hours a day.

At Synaptic Vision Inc. we realize that even the most profound message that resonates within a group, may still not reach the entire community.  Our teams work with your organization to strategize how to deliver your message in a way that will engage the individual, encourage them to interact, and even commit their support by way of a donation.


KPI Tracking

With complete back office solutions, Synaptic Vision Inc. provides the tools necessary to track not only the effectiveness of the online campaign, but the penetration into the community. In addition, both positive and negative feedback is recorded and analyzed in real-time to provide the reaction to the the online campaign. With the ever changing marketplace and technology it is vital to keep campaigns fluid and dynamic. Synaptic Vision Inc. provides the tools and analysis to keep you ahead.

YouTube / Flickr

Online video channels, like YouTube and Flickr are only a few of the mediums that can be used to broadcast your message. Our professional production and advertising teams work with your organization to package your message in a way that will resonate within the community, based on each channel being utilized. Understanding the demographics of each channel is the key to spreading your message within the online community.

Press / Blogging

Even in today’s online world, the reach of the press can still be seen. The strength of words typed or spoken by a trusted news reporter still carries with it a tremendous about of weight with the average individual. While separate from social media, online news channels and blogging play an important role within online campaigns. Our dedicated advertising and press teams work with your organization to ensure the branding and message remain consistent across all mediums.

Social Media

Social media is an important part of any campaign. Individuals want the ability to speak their minds and have their questions answered in a timely manner. Even if the individual is not a supporter of your message, their voice and opinions are still valuable. At Synaptic Vision Inc. we provide the tools to track both positive and negative reactions to the message.

NFC & Mobile

Innovation with technology is crucial for any modern campaign. Utilizing an old but revitalized technology, NFC, Synaptic Vision Inc. is able to bring your message directly to an individual’s mobile phone and engage them to interact. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a revolutionary new technology that allows an individual to read information simply by tapping or scanning an object with their mobile phone or other NFC enabled device.

Online Donations

In today’s world of $5 coffees and $50 monthly cellphone packages, it is not the ability to donate, but the desire to donate that stops most individuals from becoming involved. At Synaptic Vision Inc. we package your message in a way that encourages individuals to interact and get involved. From simple calls for engagement, to marketing products that promote your message, to creating contests and selling tickets to online campaign events – it all comes down to the demographic for each channel being utilized.


We look forward to working with you...