Secure Exchange Comparison

Secure Exchange provides the tools and services that enable you to add new business processes quickly and easily.

All modules are fully integrated with complete control over customization and access levels.


Secure Exchange Comparison

The following chart highlights the main areas of concerns within Managed File Transfers (MFT) systems,
such as new file transfers deployments, ongoing maintenance and support issues.


Scripting 2
 Require Programming Knowledge
No Yes Yes Yes
 New Deployments
2 to 5 Minutes   4 to 6 Weeks (Minimum) 1    5 to 10 Days 1 2 to 5 Days 1
 Maintenance & Change Management 
1 to 3 Minutes 2 to 4 Weeks 1 2 to 8 Days 1 1 to 3 Days 1
 Auditing & PCI DSS Compliance 3
Yes Limited No No
 Resource Planning & Optimization
Yes Limited No No
 Alerts & Problem Resolution
2 to 10 Minutes 10 to 20 Minutes    20 to 30 Minutes    10 to 20 Minutes 

1 Programming requires that each deployment or change follow the full project lifecycle.
2 Protocols such as NDM and RSFTP provide for internal scripting.
3 Including file process tracking, user activity tracking, and configuration change tracking.